Adam Drake

Adam and Faith along with their four children are committed to reaching the Togolese for Christ. Adam is the Director of Outreach Ministries for Hope Radio Togo. He is involved in discipleship of our employees as well as community contacts.

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Andy Justison

Andy and Amanda live in Mango with their four children. They are passionate about using radio as a tool to provide Biblical training and lessons in the heart languages of the Togolese. Andy is the Technical Director for Hope Radio Togo working to record, edit, and train others to maintain on-air productions.

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Evan Drake

Evan and Joy are both invested in the work at Hope Radio. Evan is the Program Director creating a variety of Biblical programs that are translated and aired for our listeners. Additionally, Evan and Joy are involved in leadership training and church planting in northern Togo.

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James Fife

The parents of eight children, James and Melissa Fife serve in Mango, passionate for the people in northern Togo. At Hope Radio, James keeps tabs on finances and employee resources, working closely with our General Director. Melissa uses her love for music to build the quality of our on-air presence. Together, they seek to practice hospitality and develop close relationships within the Mango community.

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Peter Silseth

Peter is based in Minnesota and travels to Mango twice a year, providing leadership and management support of Hope Radio. With over 40 years of broadcast experience around the world, he helps develop our national staff to take leadership in station operations.

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