Radio in Togo

Hope Radio is a Christian radio station serving the people of northern Togo, West Africa with the truth of God’s word alongside the Hospital of Hope

The vision for Hope radio was several years in the making, but the team began transmitting some test runs in June 2018.  By October of the same year, Hope Radio celebrated the official opening and broadcasting on 93.1FM in Mango, Togo.

The work of Hope Radio extends beyond just a radio station. It is a full ministry center encompassing translation teams for multiple regional languages, an outreach ministry team, writing programming that is culturally relevant and appropriate, and recording the Old Testament in Anufo (a local language) for the first time.  Hope Radio has reached far beyond our dream of a small studio, and instead God has allowed us to be part of a ministry reaching into the lives of thousands of people in West Africa, not only for today but for years to come.

Hope Radio Togo is a partnership of ABWE and Missioserve